Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Today is my beautiful little granddaughter Abby's 1st Birthday!  This picture is from her birthday post on her mommy's blog.  Isn't she a cutie?  And such a funny sense of humor.  The wonderful thing about this girlie is that she KNOWS she is being funny, and is just waiting for you to crack up.  She always has a joke up her sleeve. 

It wasn't so long ago that she looked like this...
Amazing what a year can do.

This lucky Grandma got to watch her open one of her birthday presents.  She is great at ripping the paper off presents.  It seems to be a skill kids are born with - or just intuitively know.   As my dad used to say, "She's one sharp little cookie."

Anyway, Grandma had fun sewing for the birthday girl.  A couple of things didn't get finished, but here's one that did.

Her name is Oopsie, and she is an octopus.  The recipe was on Moda Bake Shop a few months ago, and I couldn't wait to make her.  It's a recipe by Melanie of Melly and Me.  The recipe is here.  So fun!  She was one of the projects I finished at the Stitch-In last Saturday.  Abby's mommy says Abby carries Oopsie around in her teeth.  Maybe that's what she has feet for.

Anyway, Happy Birthday beautiful little Abby!  Can't  wait to see you in 10 days!!!

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  1. The octopus is fabulous! What a great gift for an adorable little girl!


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