Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lucky, Lucky Me!

Several weeks ago, when life was somewhat less crazy, I was flitting around blogland when I ran across a fun giveaway at my bloggy friends Renee and Yvonne's blog. You might know them in Flickr-land as Nellie's Niceties and Nellies Niceties Too.  I just know that if I met these ladies in person, we'd be fast friends in real life.  Anyway, they were having a giveaway, and the giveaway items were fab-u-lous!!!  I immediately fell in love with the pillow Yvonne made from Aneela's Sherbert Pips.  (I have a bit of this fabric, but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.)

You know, I often say I never win anything, but this year I have, in fact, won a couple of things, including some Aurifil thread from my friend Leona's giveaway (that I haven't had a chance to try yet either) and the above FAB pillow cover - or cushion cover, as Renee put it.

This pillow is perfect!  Totally fun fabric.  Hexis.  Gorgeous hand stitching.  Cheerful colors.  And a perfect size to fit the only pillow insert  I own.  Oh - and the back is as fun as the front.  Now how perfect is that?

Check out Yvonne's wonderful hand stitching!!

And here's the back of this gorgeous pillow!

I truly love the hexis on the back.  I'm often too lazy to embellish the back in any way.  By the time I get the front put together, I just want to BE-FINISHED-ALREADY, so I just slap the back on it and call it done.  Not so this little lovely.  You can tell that a lot of care went into crafting this beauty.

So thank you Yvonne and Renee.  I am, as y'all say in England, "chuffed" to have won such a beautiful cushion cover!

And Yvonne, I wish you a speedy recovery!


  1. That's great! Cute pillow, anyone would have loved to win this, you were fortunate, and I'm sure this made your day.

  2. this is adorable, I love it! I like hexies too, though have not tried them...I feel a bit intimidated by them!

    I really adore both the Pips and the Little Apples! in the last round of the doll quilt swap, I received Pips, and with the last pillow talk swap, I received Little Apples! both ladies sent me some bits of the fabric as well, though I haven't used them yet...they deserve a fabulous project, and I haven't found it yet!

  3. So glad you like it! I'm totally certain that we would all be fast friends :)


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