Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catching Up - Part One

Here's the Weekender bag Kristy made for me at the airport waiting for our flight.
I'm baaaaa-ack!

It seems that my vacation turned into a marathon.  Sorry for the very long hiatus.  I really enjoyed being away, but I'm very glad to be home.  I actually thought I would have a chance to blog a bit while I was away, but there never seemed to be a moment to spare.  So, I have some things to share from before I left, and a couple of things from while I was away - maybe tomorrow, since I don't want this post to turn into a marathon.

Did you catch my guest -blogger post/tutorial on Leona's blog?  This tote has 11-pockets, so it's a super way to keep organized.  We all know how I love totes!

Sometime in June, Susi contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to do a private swap.  I wasn't sure I could get it done before I left, but I did - barely.  This Weekender is super scrappy, with the addition of some bits of Briar Rose a friend gave me a few weeks ago.  The Frog Picnic is my favorite!

I had a lot of fun doling out the Briar Rose bits in creating the bag.

Susi said she really liked it, so I think it was a success.  I asked her to hold my bag until I got home, so I am excited to receive it.  Hope it gets here soon!

I also managed to finish my blocks for the 3x6 bee.  In this bee you make the same block for 6 people, changing up the colors to their request.  Since I was in 2 hives (no, I don't know what possessed me to do that!) I had to make 12 blocks.  Someone on Flickr commented that it would make a beautiful quilt all by itself.  I think so too.  I really love all those colors.

The blocks were super easy.  I found the pattern on my daily quilting calendar and adapted it for the bee.  My first blocks were by-the-book, but by the time I created the last one ("rainbow - in order" was the request) I was feeling like this was a pretty versatile block.

I belong to a group called "Sewing with Friends" and every couple of months the mamas assign us a new partner to make a little something for.  Up to now, we've been making mug rugs, but after a year, we felt a bit of a need for change.  In any event, June/July was our last mug rug month, and my partner was Sunny.  I figured with a name like that, and given that we're talking about mid-summer here, her mug rug ought to be something bright and cheerful.  I had these bonus HSTs left over from something-or-other (I really love bonus HSTs - it's really worth the extra time they take to be able to create something cute in a hurry) so I used 8 of them to make this fun little pinwheel flower mug rug.  I am always amazed at how versatile HSTs are.  A little hand-quilting, some yo-yos left over from Abby's octopus, and it was a wrap....  well, a mug rug, anyway.

So that's my "before-the-trip" story.  Stay tuned - I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. My heart still does a little jump thingy when I look at my awesome bag you made me, Wendi!!!! Your box is on its way so fingers crossed it gets to you really quick!!! xoxo

  2. those weekender bags are amazing. I was debating between making on of those or the aeroplane bag, then I won the aeroplane pattern so I guess my decision is made! It's not very high on the list right now so it will be a while...


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