Friday, November 8, 2013

More Swappy Stuff

You know, I seem to go in spurts.  I say I'm done with swaps and I'm going to concentrate on finishing up some quilts, and then all of a sudden I'll lose my resolve and commit to several swaps.  I used to joke that it was an addiction, and I'm beginning to think it really is.  And what was I thinking committing to so many that are due between now and Christmas??  Dumb.  Really dumb.  But I'm making a lot of progress and having fun, so what the heck.

This one is a Reverse Modern Maples mini quilt for my partner in the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap.  My partner said she liked autumn, and what is more autumny than leaves?  I quilted it with loops and leaves and it went pretty fast.  I apologize for the picture - it's the only one I took and the package is already on its way to my partner.  I need to remember not to rely on iphone pictures.

I've been playing along in the Super Swaps group for a couple of years now, and the items to be swapped are always different.  The item this time was an ornament, and I found a cute pattern in a book called Sew Merry and Bright.  I loved the wonky tree a couple of the other projects, but the book hasn't arrived yet, so I had to fake it.  I think it turned out kinda fun.  Hope my partner likes it.

I made my pinwheel blocks for the Pinwheel Passion hive of the 3x6 Bee.  I used one of the tutorials from Rachel Griffith's (ps i quilt) Block of the Month tutorial.  I think this one was month 6. I tried another block first, but just didn't like the way it turned out, so went with this somewhat less detailed block, although I really like it.

When I receive all my blocks, I should have enough citrus blocks to finish up the last citrus quilt. 

I'm working on a gift for my ECMQG swap partner even as we speak.  This one needs to be finished TODAY, since we're exchanging them at the meeting tomorrow.  My partner wanted something a bit non-traditional, so I dug into the remainder of my Ruby FE bundle (by Bonnie and Camille) that Amanda got for me at Sample Spree at Quilt Market in SLC in 2011.  I have made at least 2 quilts and 3 or 4 other items from this FE bundle.  I am continually amazed at how far a fat eighth will go.

So, that's what I've got done so far.  I still have two more swaps to finish, and then I'll begin working on Christmas gifts.  I have big plans, as always.  Don't know yet how many will actually get finished.

Wish me luck!


  1. good luck! Most of my stash is packed away in the garage so I'm thinking there will be store bought gifts this year. such is life.

  2. I'm like you with's hard to say no. I tell myself in Jan. "No swaps this year; this year it's my goal to put those swap blocks into quilts" hasn't happened yet, although I did not join nearly as many this year, but I have yet to put anything together :P. Love your reverse autumn leaf and the ornament. Your partners will be pleased!

  3. Yes, and you're the one who got ME started on this swap thing! And you know how deadlines & I don't play all that terrifically together.

    Anyway, I love the reverse modern maples!! Best yet, is it's already in the mail - VERY impressive. If I received that little wonky felt tree as an ornament next month, I'd be very happy.

    Please take lots of pictures (with your good camera tomorrow) of the ECMQG Christmas Swap! My item will be given to someone later this afternoon.

  4. So far, I have be able to not get drawn into any swaps. I've only been quilting a little over a year and am still learning. I really like your little maple mini quilt! I am currently working on a falling leaves wall hanging that is made of maple leaves. I love all the fall colors. Thanks for sharing!


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