Friday, January 17, 2014

Swappy Stuff

Photo courtesy of Dee3103 via Flickr
I recently realized that with the craziness around here last fall I totally neglected to take pictures of a couple of the beautiful swappy things I had received.  This awesome tote bag came to me from Dee3103 all the way from Australia in the Secret Tote Bag Swap.  I borrowed her photo because my photo simply didn't do the bag justice.  I was so obsessed with the back of the bag...

and the cool backpack feature, that I totally neglected the front of the bag...

and the only photo I took had horrible shadows.  Apparently Dee had a helper also, as her model was outstanding!

And she put this cool pocket inside with a very fun gingham lining.

The other awesome item I received was from BetseyLynn50 on Flickr in the Fabric Basket Swap.  This fun little package was waiting for me when I returned home from my Thanksgiving trip.  It was such a fun package to open - BetseyLynn had wrapped everything individually so there were lots of adorable little tissue-wrapped packages to open.  And the basket is perfect!  I love the hexies and the hand quilting.

It was the perfect medicine for my coughing and sniveling, but since I wasn't feeling well, I tucked it away and then got wrapped up in my Christmas sewing.

I'm not doing as many swaps this year - at least so far I have managed to keep myself for signing up for any new ones - but one swap I did start is the Handmade Birthday Club.  We have committed to making a handmade gift for each of the other 11 members of the Club during their birthday month.  Since I have a January birthday and the due date is the 15th, I haven't received most of them yet, but this one from my friend Krista arrived a couple of days before my birthday.  She made me another  hexie flower for my GMFG, gave me the floss to start {another} new embroidery, and made me a pattern and needle minder - something I had no idea I even needed, but now that I have it, I think it's awesome!  She also included a Frixion pen, an item I've been dying to try but hadn't actually purchased yet.

Thanks so much to each of you for such thoughtful swappy items!


  1. That backpack looks wonderful. The hexie flower is so pretty too.

  2. It's really nice to get lovely presents in the mail from swaps. I already got myself involved in some swaps. Hopefully, I can keep it limited. :)


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