Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pictures. Finally!

We finally had a non-stormy day when I felt halfway decent after spending a week in the house with a headcold, so I finally got around to taking "real" photos of my bookshelf quilt.  It is not too bad from the front.  It isn't really one of my finer efforts, although it turned out OK.  It should still keep someone warm, and that's important, right?

I'm not really sure if it is saggy, or if it is just the way it is hanging over the fence, but I do know that the durn thing shifted while I was quilting.  A lot.

You can see on the back that the white border on the bottom is anything but straight.  Oops.

The other end isn't so bad.  This was only the second of my basting spray attempts, so I don't know if I just didn't check it carefully enough before I started quilting, or if I didn't use enough spray.   Either way, I'm kind of bummed by the results.

This one is obviously a humility quilt.  But, it's done, and it is a 14 in 2014 finish, so I'll have to be content with that. 

While I was out there, I managed to nab a couple of photos of the Honey Honey baby quilt too.  Here's the tutorial for this one:

1.  Start with a 9-patch of leftover charm squares.
2.  Dig in your stash to find coordinating colors.  Add borders until it measures the correct dimensions for
3.  An outer border of charm squares.

4.  Back with a fun hearts-and-flowers (literally) print you find in your stash and didn't know you had.

5.  Bind with cool coordinating stripes you find in your stash and didn't know you had either.  Shopping the stash is kinda fun.



  1. great finishes! don't be so hard on yourself. I love them both! Also glad you are feeling better

  2. Love both quilts! The backing fabric on the second one so gorgeous!


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