Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Visit to the Grands'

Once again it has been way too long since I've visited my little blog...  I'm sure it is feeling neglected.  I went to Utah to watch the grands so their mommy and daddy could have a much-needed weekend away.  We had a blast.  Of course, there was our traditional breakfast at McDonald's.  (Britton is getting so that he actually plays on the equipment - which is really fun until he gets "stuck" and I have to send Abby after him.  Still, it's very fun to watch them!)

There were several trips to the park, which is only about 4 houses away, so it's super convenient!

It's really fun to watch them grow up!

One of my favorite parts of visiting is that Abby comes in every morning to wake me up and keep me company.  This little game usually involves Netflix or some other wake-up game on Grandma's Iphone.  Here, she's taking a selfie (how do they know about these things at such a young age?)

Grandma had the opportunity to make Abby an Elsa dress (from the Disney movie, Frozen.)

Which caused a huge mess - there were sparkles everywhere!

And the cape was perhaps the biggest hit of all...

But it was really fun to see how much Abby liked her dress - in fact, her mommy says she's worn it every day since it was finished.  Guess Grandma needs to get busy and make a couple more dresses and give this one a rest.

A bag of pom poms an a couple of embroidery hoops provided an entire morning's entertainment while Grandma was sewing (although I'm not entirely sure Britton was thrilled with the selection of "manly" colors allotted to him by his sister.)

It really doesn't take much to make these two happy.  I love that they just play with whatever's handy.  A cardboard box makes a great toy, doesn't it?  It was always one of my own kids' favorites.

And then there's just the way their little personalities are developing! 

He has so many words now - so many more than when I was there in November!!  (Can you tell we're having quite the conversation?)

This little guy is so fun!  And he's all boy!

Oh yes!  Grandma had a very fun time!


  1. how wonderful! they are so lucky to have you!

  2. Yes, it definitely sounds like you had a wonderful time with your precious grandchildren. You are blessed indeed!

  3. It's wonderful that you get to spend time with your grands while they are growing so quickly. Thanks for letting me enjoy your visit with them as well!


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