Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blessing Ella

Just a couple of weeks had passed since Sean and Jessica's wedding when it was time to bless our new little sweetheart, Elliott Estelle Woodruff, so grandma and grandpa boarded yet another airplane (the third so far this summer) and flew back to Utah.  Thank goodness grandpa retired from an airline!

For some reason the participants were not very cooperative and we didn't get many pictures of the event.  Ella wore the slip that I made to go under Abby's smocked and beaded blessing gown.  Nope, I don't seem to have a photo, but it was well, beautiful.  This was the slip for heaven's sake.  And apparently I didn't get a photo of Ella in this either.  =(

But it was a perfect opportunity for Grandma to get some more sweet baby cuddles...

And to see how much the big kids love their baby sister - and how sweet they are with her...

And to play with the other two - or rather to watch them play.  This little guy is so danged smart!

And we enjoyed some quiet time with Weston's parents around the fire in the evenings...

Then put the kids to bed and the real fun began.  (Do notice that I am NOT monopolizing that baby.)

It was exhausting, but we managed. 

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