Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Hopping

PTS5 pillow by BD#1 A Crafty Fox
As you might imagine, I haven't had a lot of time to sew or quilt lately.   Wedding plans - and altering the dress - have pretty much taken over my free time.  BD#2 was home this weekend, and we made some real progress on invitations, HIS ring, and the first fitting of the dress.  Of course it was July 4th weekend, so we had some yummy barbeque...  but I digress. 

I find that I am really missing the quilting process, and it's only been a few short days.  Hmmm, does that mean I'm addicted?  I've actually been dreaming quilt blocks, so I'm sure that's significant.

So, this morning, I decided to go blog hopping and check in with some of the blogs I haven't had a chance to follow in awhile.  I started by heading off to A Crafty Fox.  Of course, this one is my own daughter, so it is always fun to see what she has going on.   She participated in Pillow Talk 5, and there is her lovely creation.  She is just so talented.  Sure puts her mom to shame, but I'm awfully proud of her.  They've been at the beach for the week, so I have gotten some non-blog photos of a darling sweet little girl.

Then I visited some of my other friend's blogs:

Elizabeth is finishing up the blocks for her Kaleidoscope QAL.  So pretty.  I'm wishing I had time right now to play.  These blocks are awesome. 

And Allison has finished her Bizzy Kid quilt and published the pattern.  I love the bright colors in this quilt.  I am tempted to purchase the pattern, but I honestly don't know when I will have time to make it.  It would be a great crib quilt, don't you think?

Val has finished a gorgeous quilt she calls "The Road Less Traveled" for an off-to-college girl.  So pretty.


Rachel's husband is having surgery, so please keep her family in your prayers.

Terri has finished an awesome hourglass quilt from Kona solids.  So nice.  It's reversible too.


 And Leona has reached 700 followers.  Wow!

So, it's been fun visiting these great blogs and seeing what is going on with these wonderfully talented ladies.  I'm inspired, and what I really want to do is go sew.  What I am really going to do is go to work.  Oh well...


  1. How did I not know that "A Crafty Fox" is your daughter? Wow, what a small world. I love it, a mom and daughter blogging pair!

  2. I too have been checking out the blogs this morning and saw most of the same ones. Thanks for adding another couple to my list :) Your daughters blogs looks great!


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