Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Souvenirs

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One day last week, I posted the souvenirs from my vacation a few weeks ago.  Yup!  All fabric!

And adorable photos of my grands.

 Oh, yeah - and an antique sewing machine.

 But I digress....  Anyway, my Flickr friend Krista (and now friend in real life!) and I met up in Seattle and went to a little quilt store in North Bend, Washington that was going out of business.  Fabric there was ON SALE! and you know I can't resist that, and bought some souvenirs.  These souvenirs were not in my original post.  Krista wondered where they were.  Frankly, I had to go hunting.  They weren't with the other fabric and random things I had brought home. 

Aha!  I found them.

So here are the REST of the souvenirs from my vacation.

 Pretty, huh?  

I actually have plans for a couple of these pieces.  The rest?

Well, I'm sure they will come in handy for something!


  1. the best kind of souvenirs! And I love the hair on your grand baby! LOL

  2. My souvenirs are always fat quarters and a charm to go on my charm bracelet. I have fabric from all over the world. I always intend to make a special quilt to commemorate the trip, but I'll have to admit, I never have!
    Your grandbabies are adorable!!!!

  3. What cute little grandbabies!!!

    It looks like you and Krista had some fun shopping time too.

  4. Great souvenir.Go shopping with a friend is fantastic.Your grands are adorable!!

  5. It is fun to find new quilt shops while on vacation.
    Your grandkids are adorable.

  6. Just send me that wild hair child... what cute babies... sounds like you hit gold


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