Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Progress...

It's funny how when life gets in the way it takes you awhile to get caught up!  A few weeks ago, I had planned a whole weekend of sewing to do a couple of swaps and even some bee blocks.  I even thought I could maybe get to  THE LIST.  Then we looked at the weather report, and there, rounding the tip of Florida was Tropical Storm Issac.  And The Weather Channel said it was heading straight for us.  WH went into total preparedness panic mode and my whole weekend was shot.  Thankfully, it didn't really come here - we had a little wind and rain, but nothing really significant - and my prayers go out to those who did get inundated by the rains and damaging winds from Hurricane Issac when it came ashore in Louisiana and Mississippi.

And somehow the next couple of weekends just weren't any more productive.

But this past weekend, I actually sat down at the sewing machine and got a few things done.  But not before I missed the deadline for a swap.  I really hate it when I do that.

I participated in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and the theme was "summer".  I had decided on a beach theme because my partner said she liked it.  I had an idea for a paper-pieced beach scene, but my attempts were not successful, so I finally decided to do an applique project instead.  I've been doing applique since my teens and I spent a lot of time doing applique and embroidery for my kids' taekwondo school when I was a SAHM.  This beachy effort was much more successful.

Then I decided to get a head start on my mug rug that's due on the 15th in the Rugs with Friends Swap.  I've used this little pumpkin before, although this time I drew my own rendition of it because my silly printer wouldn't work.  I thought it looked a little blah, so I added some hand quilting at the last minute.

I liked it better then.

I even remembered to add labels.  But not to take pictures of them.

Then I started getting caught up on bee blocks.

 First I made the August block for Dena.  I've made this one before, so it was familiar.  Except for the green.  Dena said to use whatever color we wanted for the background and I thought the green was kinda fun.  I mis-read the tute and my block ended up at 11-1/2" so I had to take it apart and do it right.  And then I heard that she wanted them 11-1/2", but I figure it's easier to cut off 1/2" all the way around than add it.  Right?

Then I made Heather's string blocks.  I like to make string blocks.  And I have a ton of fabric "strings" so no cutting - just digging through the sack of strings I culled from the scrap basket.  I even had the white cut already.  Easy peasy.

And finally I sat down and did Hilary's paper-pieced kaleidoscope block that she designed herself.  I've decided I don't like paper piecing much, but I do like the results.  It is very precise if you do it right.  I was glad to get this one together.  It is currently winging its way to Australia.

So, that was my weekend.  I did make progress, and I'm pretty much caught up on swappy stuff, at least for now.  It feels great!

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  1. I love the beach mini... share the tutorial. I have been wondering about you.. I cant wait till we all get our string blocks in I have 41 now, but there will be more. I love them too and its all your fault.. LOL.. it relaxes me, much like my cross-stitching.


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