Saturday, March 9, 2013

13 in 2013 - Jelly Roll Race = Finish #2

Being home full-time has it's advantages.  The other day I was walking by the sewing machine and there sat this poor half-quilted quilt.  Not being pressed for time (do I have to change the name of my blog???) I decided to just sit down and finish-it-already.

This is a jelly roll race so the top took me all of 30 minutes to piece.  I decided it was too small, so I added borders to each end - and was so surprised to discover that it was too big to hang on the fence without trailing in the dirt, so you'll just have to imagine that the top is the same as the bottom.

I tried a little clamshell quilting on the end border ala Angela Walters book.  It was easy and went pretty quick, which I like, but my thread kept fraying, which was a nightmare!  I played with the tension, checked the bobbin, changed the needle - all to no avail.  But I got it finished.  Finally.

So there it is.  Finish #2 for 2013.  And it's only the 9th of the month!

Making progress.

EDIT:  I've linked up with Shana and Michell and A Lovely Year of Finishes on Flickr.


  1. very nice! I have a jelly roll top (Christmas fabrics) that has been sitting in my UFO pile for a long time. I need to get that puppy finished.

  2. Love the clamshells! I've never done a jelly roll race quilt but I hear they're fast!

  3. I'm inspired to make one for my MIL's birthday! Thanks for sharing! :) I love how you added the borders. It really makes the quilt that much more beautiful!

  4. Very nice, I have a jelly roll race quilt, put since I am not great at quilting, I will have to send it out. I like the suggestion on adding boards to it. I will have to look at mines again and may add boards to it before sending it out.


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