Friday, August 2, 2013

Modernista - Summer, 2013

I'm in a tearing hurry this morning, but I just wanted to take a moment to share the pillows I made for my partner in the Modernista Handmade swap.  The theme is bedrooms, and she said she would like some modern pillows to decorate her room.  She said she likes modern designs and bold prints, and I found this fun pattern in Fast Quilts magazine.  I got brave and cut into my AMH Field Study.  (Do you find it hard to cut into your hoarded fabrics?  Oh yes, I do!)

I echo quilted the triangles in a concentric pattern, until I ended up with a tiny triangle in the center, then quilted swirls in the white space, and then went away for two weeks.  When I came home, I decided that I liked them plain, but they seemed just a bit dull...

So I added a bit of hand quilting with various colors of perle cotton I had on hand.  I think I like them better this way.

I hope my partner likes them too.


  1. SO pretty! I've been admiring them in the Flickr group :)

  2. They look so pretty and I like the hand quilting on them.

  3. Love the hand stitching. This was a great way to use those beloved fabrics and make them the focal point.

  4. I agree, the hand stitching was the OOMPH they needed. Beautiful. Your partner will be very happy I'm sure.


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