Friday, August 16, 2013

Sewing Room Update

I am finally getting back to working on the sewing room.  It doesn't look like the above photo any more!  It seems like I got it to a minimally useful state, and then left it for a couple of months.  It is useful - or it was, before I tore it up again yesterday.  I have high hopes of being mostly organized by the end of the weekend.

Once I got it to a certain point, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it, so it sat...  and sat... and then I saw some blog posts here and here and a couple of pinterest postings and the ideas finally began to gel.  I guess it's like anything else and I just have to wait for inspiration to strike.

Here is my new design wall.  (Sorry about the terrible lighting, but lighting is on the list, when the budget allows it.)  I love that blocks actually stick to it!  I can't say that exactly surprises me, but I was glad.  It only covers the top half of the wall, as the room isn't big enough to waste the floor space underneath it.  But honestly, I think I can fit the blocks for a twin size quilt on it, so that should be big enough for most of the things I do.

I bought foam insulation board at Home Depot (the same product Craft Buds used in her blog post) but I had a terrible time getting it up on the wall.  That whole "poke a hole in the back with scissors and hang it on a nail" thing just didn't work for me.  I finally found a blog that suggested using finishing nails, and decided to try that, and it worked fine.  Unfortunately, I have small nail holes both in the design board and in the wall, but I decided that I could live with it.

As you can see, this project isn't finished yet, but I decided to modify the idea on pinterest.  There is no way I could stick my cutting/ironing table in the middle of the floor.  The room just isn't that big.  And one end is going to have to go against a wall, which makes it decidedly inconvenient in some respects, but sometimes we just have to accept things as they are.

The cubbies will become my cutting/ironing space, just as soon as WH cuts the board for the top.  I plan to cover it the same way Lori did to make it a multi-purpose table.  I'm hoping not to have to permanently affix it to the cubbies, as being able to remove it will make the cubbies much more accessible.  Hopefully, it will work, but if not, I am adaptable.

I spent yesterday afternoon sorting scraps into the drawers of the plastic carts, a job I really hate (which could explain why there are so many to sort).  I obviously need to do a scrappy quilt soon, as they are getting really stuffed.

Next up, shelves on the wall and then decorating with all of my cool swappy stuff.  I've got mug rugs and pennants and mini quilts just itching to be displayed.  After that, I need to make some fabric baskets for the cubbbies, and wrap my fabric around comic book boards so I can get the fabric out of the plastic bins and actually see what I have (maybe that will mean I won't go re-buy fabric I already have?)  Maybe?

So, some questions for you, dear readers:  when you buy fabric bundles, do you keep them all together in their pretty little bundles?  Do you remove the plastic?  How do you store them so they look pretty, but don't get all dusty if they're not behind glass doors?

I could really use your help! 

Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. your room is coming along! I usually undo the bundles and iron them so the creases don't settle in, fold them "my way" then keep them stacked together in my stash.

  2. I love seeing how other people set up their sewing area, so I'm so glad you are sharing this process with us. I like to keep fabric bundles intact if they are coordinating collections.


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