Monday, August 3, 2015

Yet Another Wedding Celebration!

I was home just about a week before it was time to celebrate again - this time was Sean and Jessica's open house here in Pensacola.  We decided to have it in the park nearby.

Sean and Jessica arrived about 2 pm after driving from Jessica's parents' home in Chattanooga where they held an open house for the newlyweds on Friday evening.  Because Sean took a new job this spring, we had to plan around the 3-day weekend for the 4th of July holiday.

I had exercised my floral skills for the event, and then realized with the wind blowing, the arrangements weren't heavy enough not to blow away.

For a non-skilled flower arranger, I thought they turned out OK.

Unfortunately, it seems that my social skills and my photography skills aren't compatible.  No photos of the folks who came at all.  But we had a great barbeque meal (not cooked by me) and the company of many friends who came out on this holiday to join with us in wishing the couple well.

I loved this little cake topper with the kilted groom.

And this time, I even got pictures of Jess and Sean cutting the cake...

And sharing with each other...

And it would have been a perfect night if - not long after this shot was taken - the sky hadn't opened up and drenched us all as only a Southern rainstorm can.  I headed for the car with the cake while everyone else tried to preserve the food and the gifts.  As it turned out, all of us were soaked to the skin, but we saved the important stuff. 

Overall, it was a pretty good evening.

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