Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sewing with Grandma - Part II

Yesterday, the kids were just playing in my sewing room (which seems to be the natural hangout for the kids and I) and E asked to play in the scraps.  There are a lot of scrap baskets, so we limited ourselves to the blue and pink baskets.  She pretends all kinds of things with the scraps, beds for stuffed animals, clothes for dolls, but finally started laying out square pieces and demanding that I stitch them together, with specific instructions:  "Sew here, Grandma."  She definitely knows what she wants. 

I did as I was told, of course, and before long we had this adorable little quilt for Willa.  Very modern and  improv, don't you think?  And also very well balanced both as to color and design.  This little girl is definitely the child of a long line of quilters.

All in all, a morning well-spent.


  1. E definitely picked lovely fabrics that made a cute wee quilt..
    Love to see kids enjoying fabrics and sewing...

    1. Yes! I love sharing sewing with these kids. They are so fun.


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