Sunday, October 24, 2010

Token of Love

Today, Wonderful Husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  For the last several years, we have pretty much celebrated by going out to dinner, but since it was Saturday, WH and I went on a jaunt down the Gulf Coast to Destin.  (BTW - no oil anywhere, despite what you may have heard).  We did some early Christmas shopping at the Eglin AFB BX, and then stopped for a wonderful Gulf-side lunch at Angler's on Okaloosa Island.  (Beautiful Daughter and I had stopped there on our little jaunt in April, and I thought it was a great place for us to enjoy the Gulf, the beautiful sunshine, and each other.  Soooooo pretty.)  As usual, yours truly left both the camera and the phone in the car, so no photos.  But suffice it to say that the sun was shining, the temperature was moderate, the humidity was low, the waves were sparkling, boats were going by on the horizon, para-sailers were practicing their stunts, and we were about 30 feet from the water with little between us and the view but air.  So nice....

Lunch finished, we betook our overstuffed selves back in the car and journeyed on down the coast to Destin.  We stopped briefly at Destin Commons (Beautiful Daughter #2, there is a brand new Forever 21 there now) before going on to SanDestin and visiting the outlet mall.  Such a pleasant day, spent with my own true love.

 When we got home WH presented me with this great gift he had made for me himself.  A gift of love.  (A few weeks ago, I had asked him if he thought he could make me a device to store my ribbons.  They had outgrown their small space and I was tired of hunting all over for them when I needed to use them.  I showed him the ugly plastic ones in the Stampin' Up! catalog to give him an idea of what I was talking about.)

So here is the result!  I love it!  It is perfect!

I love how there is space underneath so I can contain the small items that seem to get lost on my work table.

I love how I can see exactly what I have when I start a project.  No more wondering what ribbon I have that might go with something else.

I love that the project was made with love.

And the project now has a name - it has officially been dubbed "The Blue Thingy."  Every time we say it - it cracks us up.  And WH seems proud of his accomplishment, which is nice too.

Thank you, Wonderful Husband, for a great anniversary.  I hope you had fun too!

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  1. SO cute! What a lucky wifey to have a husband who can amke her yummy presents!


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