Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Star {Doll Quilt} is Born

It's amazing what a little bit of fabric can become.  I started with a few bits of fabric and some hexie templates - a great project for airplanes and airports, as long as you're not squished into the middle of a row (your neighbors don't really go for being stabbed with needles, I think.)

A few {hundred} stitches later, it starts to take shape...

And grow...

A little at a time...

Until it actually starts to look like something.

And then maybe you mount it...

And quilt it...

And quilt it some more...

And maybe you need to add just a touch of hand quilting...

To come up with a finished quilt.

Add a label, and voila!  You're {finally} done.

No wonder this little baby took so long - a lot longer than I thought it would.

Sure hope my partner likes it.


  1. Love it. It is time comsumming, but the work is great. Nice quilt.

  2. it came out beautiful! Nice job

  3. Super cute! I like how you created a start out of hexis and then put it on a giant hexi.

  4. It's beautiful! Lucky partner! : )

  5. this is just gorgeous! I know that she will love it!


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