Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trick or Treat

Last week, before I left on my great grandbaby adventure, I finished up a pair of swappy pot holders (and actually met the mailing deadline!!! - but only because I couldn't get out on the flight I wanted.)   I'm not a big Halloween fan, but I can - and do - enjoy candy corn.  So, here is a pair of candy corn pot holders.

I did a little embroidery, and actually went waaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone and did the quilting in -gasp- orange!

The fabrics were in my stash.  BD#1 "donated" the black swirl, which was perfect for Halloween.  Especially since I have no black, not even Kona, in my stash apparently (an oversight that MUST be rectified soon.)

So here is the package.  Those cute little kitties with the pumpkin were also a donation from BD#1 and I used it for the backing on the pot holders as well.

This was  a fun, quick project, and I had a blast making them.  My partner said candy corn was her favorite Halloween treat and that her hubby really liked them, so I think they have found a good home.


  1. so cute! now I want to borrow your idea and make something similar!

  2. What great pot holders...
    Hmm I don't have black either sew you have reminded me to get some thanks.


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