Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hugs and Kisses

Awhile back I mentioned the deal I made with my friend to trade her Accu Quilt Go! Cutter for my labor.  I haven't received all the Block of the Month packets yet - the May block was just mailed out - but I did get a chance to work on another of the quilts she requested over the last couple of weeks, and so I have a finish to report.

The pattern is Hugs and Kisses by Jaybird Quilts.  The fabric, of course, is Flea Market Fancy, by Denyse Schmidt.

The design uses this cool Lazy Angle Ruler by Joan Hawley.  It's really pretty easy to use.  Julie at Jaybird Quilts has several other amazing quilts using this ruler on her website.  Personally, I think I'd like to make the Unwind quilt for myself, although the one she calls Carnival is pretty too - but you know I am a sucker for any fabric by Kate Spain, which is the fabric featured in her cover quilt.

The quilt went together like a dream.  I love its dramatic x's and o's, but the dominant diamond shape and the strong diagonal lines appeal to me also.  Honestly, it was a really fun quilt to make.

The quilt is twin size, and my friend has plans for it to go on her bed.  I think she will really like it.


  1. That is gorgeous and of course the fabrics are perfect for it.

  2. oh that's gorgeous! I'm a FMF girl too

  3. Wendi, I bought this pattern and rule back in March. I haven't used it yet, but seeing yours has inspired me to get going on it! Looks great!

  4. Loving the bright colours on this quilt. I love a bit of bartering too. just done that with a blogging friend who had a stamped image I liked for some paper handmade roses. Makes it all that much more special I think. Hugs Mrs A.


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