Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Mail Update

As we all know, I'm a swapping fool, and as much as I like to make things and send them off, I love to receive the fun mail that comes in response.  I don't really know why, but I tend to procrastinate getting out the camera and taking pictures.  I have a ton of excuses, "I'm too busy."  "The light's not right."  {and my personal favorite} "I'll do it later."  But I am determined to be better about taking pictures going forward.  {Pinky promise.}  So, I have three amazing swap packages to share with you today.

First is the amazing swap package I received from Kristy (Catiedyd Designs) in the Sew Sew Modern Swap.  I have been meaning to make my weekender for awhile - and in fact I have the backing cut out and I know just what I'm going to do, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Now, I'm not sure I will need to, although a girl can never have too many bags, right?
The bag is awesome.  She used two coordinating dark fabrics so they won't show the dirt as much.  Great idea!  And I love the lime green piping!

And the piece de resistance is the zippered outside pocket.  Such a great innovation! I may need to put one in the next bag I make.  VERY cool.  And sticking out of the pocket in this shot is the awesome banner she made me.  It will be fab in my new "studio".  (Note To Self:  Go buy paint!)

She used a different coordinating fabric for the lining.  I like that it's a lighter color.  As my eyes age, I appreciate all the help I can get.  Finding things in the bottom of a bag with dark lining is just - difficult.

Aside from the banner, she included zippers, rick rack...

and - coolest of all - some of those clever Clover quilting binder clips I have been meaning to buy for awhile now.  I used them to bind Krista's quilt and they are as awesome as advertised.  Waaaaay better than pins. I think the best thing about them is that they don't distort the shape of your item like pins do.  They are really nifty.  If I make another Weekender, I will certainly use them on that too. 

(You remember what my pins looked like after my Weekender adventure, right?  So sad.)

Thank you, Kristy, for a lovely swap package.

(I am super tardy taking photos of this fabulous package.  Where does the time go???  I know that I tend to put off taking pictures, but this is ridiculous!)  I am honestly over the moon with this awesome package from Joanne in the UK (Jo Jo 33).  She really nailed this one!  Do you see all these amazing creations???  Joanne said I really pulled her out of her comfort zone {sorry}, but I think she did a fantastic job on these items!  Oh my!  I am deliriously happy!

First there is this amazing bag.  I can't tell you how much I love this bag.  All the fabrics she used make me smile.  One side is pink...

And the other side is blue and green.  I am deliriously happy with this bag.  {Did I say that already?} I think it will become my new purse (when I can bear the thought of getting it dirty.)  EDIT:  Joanne shared the pattern with me here.  And as if this bag could get any better, it is reversible!  Is that awesome, or what???  (Thanks Rebeckah for reminding me!)

She also sent me this wonderful clock.  I wanted a clock that would hang on the wall in my new "studio", and when I get my room painted (see Note To Self above), this will be perfect!  I love how carefully stitched this amazing applique is.  And it is mounted on wood, so it is very sturdy.  I know I am going to love the way it jazzes up my new room.

She included a bunch of other wonderful things as well...  A little fabric basket to {try to} get me organized, a really cute camera strap, and a package of gorgeous pins - and after all the pins I've thrown in the trash can lately, these are most welcome.  (And I love that they are sooo pretty!)

Joanne, thank you for such a wonderful, thoughtful package.

Finally, I received this package from Lori (Lori H. Designs) in the Fabric Basket Swap.  I was hoping for a large basket to toss my fabric scraps in, and she really nailed it.  This basket is the perfect size - not huge, but really big.  It's big enough that I can throw scraps from a project or two in it, but not so big that I will be overwhelmed by the idea of sorting my scraps, if you know what I mean.

I don't think she used the same fabric twice on this bucket, and I love her choices.  I always like scrappy, and this is perfect.

She included a cute little fabric pouch, some FQs, a couple of bolts of ribbon and {yay!} pins.

Thanks, Lori!

I feel so blessed to have had such amazing swap partners who created such fabulous things for me.  I can tell that each of them took the time to find out what I might like and then create awesome items just for me.

And now we know why I am addicted to swaps.  I suppose that won't change any time soon.


  1. I had hoped that basket was coming to me!!! And JoJo's creations - so awesome!! Lucky you!

  2. I want toe pattern for the bag Jo Jo made you!

  3. You are quite the swapper and have received a lot of great handmade treasures.

  4. Nice. Everything you received is awe-some!

  5. I wish I could swap like you! You are the queen! Thanks for sharing!


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