Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swappy Stuff

I recently participated in a pin cushion swap.  I had a terrible time with this one - for some reason I kept putting it off.  And when I finally decided it was time, I had lost the pattern I intended to make, which of course required another trip to my LQS.  In the end, instead of replacing the first pattern I bought a different one.  This is Heather Bailey's Effie and Ollie pattern.  I think he turned out super cute, even though his trunk isn't quite round.  I stuffed him with rice, so I think that may be the problem with his trunk.  If I ever do him again, I will stuff the trunk with fiberfill before I stuff the rest of him with rice.

I especially love his ears.  I think they are so fun!

In return, I received this fun AMH Wild Flower pin cushion from Jodi (usairdoll), which I have been meaning to make for myself ever since Amanda made herself one several years ago.  As is so often the case, I never got around to it.  But now I don't have to!  Isn't it fun!  I love the fussy cut petals.  And the colors are perfect - bright and fun.   Perfect for my new sewing space.  And it's filled with walnut shells, so it won't go flying across the room when I try to stab it with my not-so-sharp pins.

Lastly, I received this really cute angel friendship bag from Laura VanVleet in the Friendship Bag Swap.  I guess my friendship bag got lost or something, and Laura, who is one of the mamas, made me this fun bag.  Don't you love the little strawberry and kiwi in that fabric strip?  So summery and fun.

And look at all the fun goodies she stuffed inside.  A pattern, a honey bun (yummm), a pin cushion (which matches the bag), a tissue holder, some fun trims, and my personal favorite: a credit card holder - yet another thing I have been meaning to make for myself, and haven't gotten around to doing.  Maybe next someone will make me a new wallet.  LOL.  That's been on my list for awhile.  The Kate Spade one Arielle got me on her 9th grade chorus trip is just about shot.

In other news, the my new sewing space is in its 3rd or 4th iteration (nope - no new pictures yet...  soon I hope).  I thought I had it nearly finished yesterday, but then the wall bracket came for the computer monitor (I have visions of watching movies and Craftsy classes while I sew)  which required moving all the stuff stashed against the wall, and then finding studs (which are apparently hiding), so it's not up yet. 

And in the process of creating this room, I have managed to tear up Every.  Room.  In.  The.  House.  Of course there are paint and tools (including some kind of saw) in my kitchen.  And goodwill stuff and the old bed frame in the living room.  And too much furniture in Arielle's old room.  And a complete reorganization of the garage.  How do projects mushroom out of control like this???

And I haven't really sewn in 10 days.

It's making me crazy.

Tell me it will get better?  Please?


  1. It will get better! It will all be worth it :)

  2. Very cute elephant, I never thought of using rice for weighing down a pincushion. Clever :)

  3. Oh how cute is that Ellie...
    What lovely gifts have been sent and received..

  4. Oh love all those gorgeous goodies...Enjoy your new spoils. The sewing room will evolve and before you know it you will have it all laid out how you want it.

  5. I love the little elephant you made - very cute!

  6. It will get better! ;) And that elephant is adorable! And you need to put that lovely new pincushion you got to use! Meaning - you need to get sewing! :)

  7. I love my Ellie! She has been by my side for a few projects. Has your ears been burning? I always send you happy thoughts when I use my pincushion, hehe. Thanks for mentioning and showing the one I sent. Great bag and goodies you received! I'm hoping you get to sew very soon! Yes, it does get better! :-)



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