Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Merry, Merry Month of May -- a 14 in 2014 update

I honestly don't know whether to be satisfied with May's progress or upset that I didn't actually finish a single quilt in May (with the exception of a couple of baby quilts, that is.)  I am putting it off because of the fact that I just hate sandwiching the darned things.  I would probably actually quilt them if I had the quilt sandwiches ready to go. 

My biggest accomplishment for the month was that I did manage to get this Single Girl quilt top put together after only 4 years of procrastination.  That was huge!  And certainly not as difficult as I had thought it was going to be.

I also finished my Shiny Brite quilt top that I started last Thanksgiving. 

And this one was technically finished in April, but I can't decide whether to put borders on it to make it just a tad bigger and maybe tone down the colors just a little bit.  A white border surrounded by a soft orange or yellow might change the whole look of it.  Maybe let me know what you think in the comments.  This quilt will probably be a Project Linus quilt, so size isn't so much of a big deal.  It currently measures about 48" by 60".

And while technically I made this quilt in April, I put the borders on in May, so I guess this quilt top was also finished this month (although this one is not on my 14 in 2014 list).

And then there was my attempt at curved improv piecing.  I'll finish this one and probably donate it to Project Linus also.  This one was started in March, so it's not a 14 in 2014 finish either, but it is a May finish, as I took it apart and put it back together several times in May before I ended up with this result, which will just have to do.

I made this quilt top from start to finish in May.  Luckily, she will send this one off to be long-armed, and I'll probably get it back for binding.  Hopefully there will be more photos then.

And I reorganized my sewing space in May, which is honestly really helping my process.  I still have some more things to find homes for, but I am actually using things from my fabric stash now that I can finally see what I have. 

And here's the other stuff I managed to get done in May. 

Hopefully, I'll make myself sandwich some quilts and I'll have some quilty finishes for June.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, K?


  1. all of it beautiful. But, tone down the colors??? What's up with that???? Frame it out in a lime green polka dot & let it shine (ok I'll shut up now! LOL)

  2. What a lot of tops you finished! I like the idea of a white strip and then orange or even green like the above comment to finish it off! I have to say I really like your improve quilt top, maybe quilt it with straight lines or wavy lines would look good, I hope you like it more when it is finished :)

  3. You need to have "sandwich day"! Get all your backs and batting ready. Have tons of pins on hand. Then invite a quilty friend over for the day. (I said quilty, not guilty. The q and the g look very similar, don't they?) Put on some music and sandwich some quilts! Start with the biggest, because it will be the most tiring. Work toward the smallest, because they'll get easier as they go. Treat her to lunch, and dinner if necessary. You can have... wait for it... sandwiches!


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