Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treasure Map

I had every intention of blogging a bit after the ECMQG meeting on Saturday.  In my last post I mentioned how I hoped to get a whole bunch of quilts sandwiched.  I spent Friday making backs for 5 quilts, and managed to get four of them sandwiched.  But then on Sunday afternoon, my daughter sent me a pattern to test, and it was so gorgeous, I just couldn't wait! 

I made the first block right away.  Since this was a Treasure Map, and since when you look for treasure you look for gems and jewels, and since Anna Maria Horner's fabrics are all in such luscious jewel tones, I decided to dig into my jealously guarded stash of AMH loveliness to create these blocks.  I really think the blocks are stunning.  In fact, we had just finished our AMH fat eighth swap at the ECMQG meeting on Saturday, so it was just serendipity that this pattern uses entirely fat eighths, except for the background. 

I really only intended to make one block, but once I got started, I couldn't stop. 

The next thing I knew, I had four blocks finished.

And I have to say, the trimmings were sure pretty.

And the more blocks I made the more excited I got.

And I just kept making blocks.  And pretty soon, I was turning them out pretty fast...

And by yesterday afternoon, I had a finished quilt top.

I am really jazzed by this quilt.  The only problem is, it adds another unfinished quilt top to the growing stack of unfinished quilt tops!  Ahhh, well...

Oh, by the way, you can purchase the pattern here.


  1. what a beautiful quilt! I love that block. can't say that I blame you for continuing on!

  2. Beautiful. But did you have to give me another item to add to my "to do" list?

  3. I'll bet if I ever got into quilting, the tops would be so addicting that I would have a hard time, and probably never get around to backing them. I would look at them and think, "You would be so pretty on my bed or my Great Room couch, but alas, I have another top I'm working on . . . . so . . . . someday . . . " Yep that is the way it would be for me. Beautiful quilt top by the way. If you want to sell a finished quilt top I may be in the market one of these days. I would love to have one of your quilt's on my bed friend. The backing is my speed because I can't do long projects that keep me immobile for long. LOVE!

  4. Beautiful!!! This looks like a fantastic pattern and the fabrics are perfect.

  5. This does look like a fun one to make! I love your colors they are perfect together.


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