Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Welcome, Ella!

One thing about babies, you have a bit of notice that they are coming.  Despite looming exams and a flurry of last-minute paper grading, I headed for Utah in mid-May to be on hand for the arrival of this little sweetheart.  She came a couple of days early, in the middle of the night, of course - 3:59 am to be exact.  The first Grandma knew of it was when big brother got up in the morning and found that his momma wasn't home. Oh my, such a sad little boy!

We quickly found out that sister had arrived.

We got ready and hurried off to the hospital to meet her.  (Britton thought riding like a big boy without a car seat would be ever-so-much fun!)

Their new baby sister brought some very cool presents.

And it wasn't long until she joined us at home.

And none of us could wait to hold her and show her we loved her.

We took turns.  First Big Sister...

And then big brother....

And then Grandma.  There's no doubt babies are exhausting!  But oh, so worth it!

And I get the chance to go back again this week!  Can't wait!


  1. isn't she beautiful! enjoy your visit

  2. And this time you don't have to worry about pesky exams and paper grading deadlines!! Enjoy.


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