Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today was Beautiful Daughter #2's birthday.  Since we're traveling on The Day, we celebrated a day early.  Thank you Dear Sister and Kind Brother-in-Law for the wonderful birthday dinner.  I had never been to Kirkland before (hard to believe, I know), and we had a lovely (if chilly) walk on the waterfront before dinner.  We jaywalked across the street to avoid the construction, only to find out later that there was, in fact, a walking path.  Dinner was at Hector's,. which had a delightful selection of Northwestern cuisine.  I had a Shrimp and Crab Louis - a meal they don't seem to have in the South.  Delicious!  I think Beautiful Daughter had salmon.  Always a good choice.  Back to the house for presents and then to packing (so sad!)  But we had such a lovely evening! 

Beautiful Daughter, enjoy your 21st year!

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