Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Fiddle-de-dee

Well, it only took 18 hours, but I made it home.  What a wonderful vacation.  Thank you Dear Sister and family for a wonderful time, and for the patience of Job with all our comings and goings and babies and trips to the airport and cooking  meals for a whole tribe....  Oh, the heavenly meals.  Dear Sister is a wonderful cook.  I felt positively pampered.  The stuffed chicken and the lasagne were awesome, and the salmon was to die for!

The trip home was not so much fun.  Dear Sister dropped Beautiful Daughter and I off at the airport at 7:30.  Once we got through security we had about an hour until Beautiful Daughter's flight boarded.  Luckily, our gates were right next to each other, so we could sit and chat.  Afrter that, there there were a couple of hours to wait in the airport for my flight.  Sea-Tac has always had great shopping and great food, so the wait wasn't too bad at all.

My flight was to leave at noon, but it went out full, and I wasn't on it.  Luckily, there was another flight at 1:15 or so, and there were seats, but unfortunately it didn't connect with a flight home.  Wonderful Husband drove to Gulfport to pick me up.  By the time we drove in the driveway, it was after midnight.  A very long day, but worth it for a wonderful vacation.

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