Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend, we had company.  And not just any company.  This was very special company.  BD#2 brought a boy home.  We spent Saturday doing touristy things in Pensacola, which was pretty fun, because we don't do that very often.  We went to the "Naviation Museum" (a term HS coined when he was about 6, and which is now part of our family lexicon) and had a top-notch tour guide.  Yup, WH is perfect for the role.  Having a Master's in Military History and a life-long love of all-things-aviation, he was almost certainly a better guide than the ones provided by the museum, not to take anything away from them, of course.

We had a really good time.  I hope he did.

Then, on Sunday evening, he took her for a walk on the beach, and she came home with this

and plans to be married here

on September 3.

Oh my.  I think I'm suddenly looking at a pretty busy summer.


  1. Oh my! I started reading your post because I saw the aviation museum there in the photo - we too are all about avaition - love to fly, hubby is a pilot. Then, I saw the rest! And how exciting for you, well your daughter, but you too!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  3. I responded to your post today before I saw this... yeah, we were married in the Houston temple-- obviously I am also LDS! Salt Lake is gorgeous though... Congrats!


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