Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Cap for Juliana

When I did my last blogiversary giveaway, my friend Billie entered the giveaway and said that if she won the Denyse Schmidt fabric, she would make a cap for her granddaughter who has leukemia and is losing her hair.  Juliana is just 5. 

Well, of course I emailed her and said we would make a cap for the sweet little girl, regardless of whether she won the giveaway.  So last night we got together and made this adorable little cap.  It was made from a scrap of pink polka dot knit I had (which has already been a t-shirt and a baby sacque).  The pattern was modified from Emma Hardy's book Making Children's Clothes and we added the double yo-yo flower from other scraps and buttons from my stash.  We had so much fun!  I haven't laughed so much in awhile.  If it fits, I hope we'll make some more.   It was a really quick project, and we both loved how it turned out!

I do need to replenish my button stash though.  It is sadly lacking, and full of dark colors and uninspiring buttons.  Time to give it a little attention I think.

Billie is a great photographer, and so I also got a lesson in using my new camera as she took the photo above. Very cool.  I really need to take a class.  Billie teaches photography, so I need to get my act together and sign up.  I know I would learn a lot. 

Meanwhile, please keep Juliana and her family in your prayers.  I hope she makes a full and lasting recovery.


  1. Poor Juliana. I'm so glad that she will have that adorable hat to wear. I will keep her family in my prayers.

  2. That hat is adorable and I am sure Juliana is too. I hope this will lift her spirits. I will be wishing her a full recovery.

  3. Feedback from Julianna's hat - she loved it! It arrived on a chemo clinic day and she popped it on her head and went out the door. I wrote her a note calling this hat her thinking cap to wear when she took her final "kindergarten achievement" exam. Must have worked well, she aced the exam! Her mom is very grateful as are we for all the prayers. She is sure they would never have made it this far without them.

    I'm ready to make more hats! And I have a big stash of buttons which I bought at a Tanner/Doncaster clothing outlet in Spindale, NC. Funny thing about the name of that town. It was created around a cotton mill making these same clothes. Unfortunately, now the production has been moved to Asia; but they keep sending the "blems" back to Spindale and putting a big price on them, too. I shop the sale sales!


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