Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Quilt Market Fun!

This quilt is called "Laundry Day"...  Just too adorable!
Take a walk down the aisles at Quilt Market with me and enjoy some eye candy.  Honestly, I should have taken better notes.  I have some really fun photos, but I am clueless as to who made them or which booths they were in.  If anyone knows or wants to clue me in, leave me a comment or send me an email, and I will give proper credit.  For now, we'll just take a stroll...

Loved the houses in this one.

Isn't this beach scene adorable?
Castles, houses and trees!  What fun!
LOVE the airplanes, trucks and cars.  What a great boy's quilt!

Sometimes, what was on display was just plain overwhelming.  So much to see...

I really liked the sewing panels.  The quilt itself is a little drab for me, but the panels are awesome!

Who says you can only make quilts from quilter's cotton?  What little girl wouldn't love these outfits?

Quilt Market was certainly a visual feast.  I'll be back with more yummy stuff tomorrow.


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