Friday, December 30, 2011

A Gift for a Gift - Quilted Ipad Cover

A couple of days before Christmas, Santa showed up with a gift for HS for Christmas AND his birthday.  The excitement generated by the gift should be understood, since never before has HS agreed to a dual-occasion gift.  Santa brought HS an I-pad. In our discussion of this event, HS happened to mention that he thought it would be cool to have a quilted cover for his new toy.  Moreover, he had some very definite thoughts on the subject, particularly about things he would like to see in said cover.

Never one to let good scraps  go to waste, the morning of his birthday, I sat down to make a cover similar to the one he described.  I did OK, except I chose invisible zippers, which, he said, felt entirely too fragile.  Consequently, I spent the day after Christmas tearing it apart and replacing the zippers with heavy duty purse zippers that open from both sides.  As much as I hate ripping seams, I have to admit that the purse zippers were a much better choice.

HS seems very happy with his new toy AND its original design quilted cover.

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