Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, HS!

HS has the misfortune of having chosen Christmas Eve as his birthday, and it has been a torment to him.  We do our best to make Christmas and birthday separate and special, but in the craziness of Christmas, it is difficult.  This year was perhaps better than most in that he was an "only child" this Christmas, with his sisters celebrating the holiday with their in-laws.  

Last Christmas, both of his sisters made a Sugar Rush Quilt, and he casually mentioned that he would like one too.  

At age 1, Abby thought that all quilts were her particular property and must be sat on - or danced on - to be appropriately appreciated.  Her mommy made this Dolce Sugar Rush quilt for her Auntie Kimber.

Ari's Fandango Sugar Rush quilt.
Never one to let a good hint go by, I decided to make him a Sugar Rush quilt of his own for his birthday this year.  HS's fave colors are blue and brown (because they remind him of the beach, he says), so I made him a Sugar Rush quilt (without the flowers) for his birthday this year from Bunny Hill Designs' Lily and Will by Moda.  I've been planning for awhile - I bought the jelly roll in February and found the yardage at Porter's in Rexburg when I went for a visit last May.  (Note that that was just before all the wedding craziness began!)  I actually started the quilt in early November, but was still in the process after he arrived for Christmas, and finished it only a couple of days before his big day.

 Despite the look on his face in this photo, he seems pleased with his gift.

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  1. Abby is too cute! The blue and brown quilt looks great. I love the scalloped border you put on. I am assuming that you appliqued that on.


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