Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Swapping Santas

LOVE the redwork on this great Christmas sack.  Santa himself doesn't have a nicer sack, I'm sure!

Way back in May or June, I signed up for Cheryl's Santa Sack Swap.  Each participant was to send 2 gifts per month and 1 special gift.  Well, the monthly thing didn't work for me, but my partner, Pauline in the UK, was very understanding and let me send just two or three mailings, although I did manage a total of 13 or so gifts.  I'll post my gifts to Pauline later.

Opening day was December 15, and I was so busy, I forgot until I got Pauline's thank you note.  About midnight, I opened my treasures and promised that I would take pictures on the weekend.  Well...  two weekends have passed in a fury, and now I am embarrassed, but feeling a real need to show off Pauline's lovely gifts.  There is nothing better than for a quilter/crafter to get gifts from a kindred spirit.  All I can say is "WOW!"  I had so much fun opening these wonderful gifts, I took the whole sack to work and opened them all again with my co-worker, who is (by her own definition) a "stitcher".

I have no idea of the order in which the items were sent, so we'll just start with the order I took them out of the bag to take pictures...
Oven mitts are something I can really use, and this one is just adorable!  The pink cupcake is so durn cute!

Such a cute needlebook with thread and needles.  Isn't the embroidery gorgeous?

Check out this fun knitting book for mug huggers!  I haven't knitted in aeons, but these might be small enough for me to try them.

Gorgeous ornament for my tree.  So pretty!

A cute little pouch and a fun fabric flower brooch.  Check out the fabric flower on the pouch, too!

Some really yummy pink fabric here!  I don't have a ton of pink in my stash, so this is welcome.  Do I see some Amy Butler in this lot?

Here's a fun little notebook to record quilt ideas and such!

Another fun notebook, this one with a quilted and stitched cover, and some fat quarters - this time in purple.  I don't have a lot of purple, either, so I'm sure these will come in handy.  The Christmas fabric underneath was the gift wrap for this package.

This is so interesting...  I have never seen this before, but it looks way fun.  I'm thinking you use it like we used to do potato stamping for gift wrap when I was in Camp Fire Girls?  If I'm on the wrong track, someone tell me now!

This is a fun little pouch with a cute felt flower with a button center.  Too cute!
I love the recipes, but this is awesome it just because of the wonderful drawings inside!

Another little blank book with a lovely crazy quilted cover, and a little plastic pouch.

This gorgeous little package of fabric reminded me of charm squares, but they're rectangular instead of square.  Such gorgeous prints.  I'll have to use these very carefully, but they are calling me...

And chocolate...   It always calls me!

  I really am going to like this little tissue holder, because I never have tissues when I need them, or the ones I do have are all nasty from being in the bottom of my purse. 

I really am not sure how Pauline did this, but isn't this the most gorgeous fabric pansy you ever saw?  It's a little brooch, and will look lovely on my red suit I think.

I had a really hard time getting a photo of this little gem.  It's a china thimble in the cutest 3-sided container you ever saw.  So fun!

And Pauline even did hand-made cards.  The one on the left is embroidered...  The one on the right is paper, but can you see the beads?

Such a cute little pieced purse with little buttons and bows inside (kinda reminds me of a song, now that I think about it!

And here's all the loot spread out all over.  Am I not the luckiest girl ever?
Thank you, Pauline, for a wonderful swap!  And thanks, Cheryl, for being our swap mama!  This was way fun.  If you do it again next year, I'm in!


  1. You had an awesome swap partner that really spoiled you!

  2. WooHoo...what a haul you received! Santa Pauline was very tired after that lot I'm sure! LOL !
    Lots of beautiful handmade lovelies!
    Thanks for joining in and YES please come again in 2012. Swap Mama :)


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