Friday, January 6, 2012

The Cutest Birthday Cake Ever!

My co-worker is a fellow stitcher, although she prefers embroidery to quilting, but she was the driving force behind what is perhaps the most fun (funnest?) birthday cake I have ever had.  Is this cake not darling?  From a tape measure to thread spools, buttons to pompom trim, and a quilt design complete with Flying Geese borders, this is just a cake to die for.

And it tasted good too.

It was made by Pensacola's very own  - and uber creative - designer bakery, Purplicious!

Thanks to everyone at work for making may almost-birthday a day to remember!


  1. What a cool cake! I don't know how you cut into it!

  2. Happy birthday, or whatever you were celebrating. Great cake for sure!


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