Monday, January 30, 2012

Resurrected! Another WIP Completed

Several years ago, before I was even a little bit ready to get out of my quilting comfort zone, BD#2 asked for a "tree quilt" - well actually, she wanted a reversible duvet cover with a tree on one side and a "regular quilt" on the other.  A regular quilt, in our lingo, is a log cabin.  I've made dozens of those.  That side was easy, and perfectly straightforward.

But her request for a tree quilt was different.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I opened up an Excel File and came up with this quilt. It's supposed to be a tree.

Does it {kinda} look like a tree?

Anyway, when its life as a reversible duvet cover was over, I took the two pieces apart, intending to make two separate quilts out of them. The log cabin side took awhile, but I finally finished it in the fall.  I call it "Woodland by the Lake."

But  I've never been too sure about this tree quilt.  Can you tell it's supposed to be a tree?  {OK, ok, so I'm a little worried about that - sorry!}

It actually sort of looked like a tree when I looked at it through the view finder of the camera when I went to take the photo.  At least a little bit.

I'm not sure if this quilt will find it's way to some charity or not.  Even if it's not the greatest design - I would never do it this same way now - it will still keep someone warm, right?

But the best part is that it's out of my project basket.  That's three projects out of the basket and into real life this month.

I think I'm actually making progress.


  1. ohhhh, I love your tree quilt, it as such life and energy in it!

  2. Yes, it definitely looks like a tree. It's lovely.


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