Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Mail

In this post I mentioned that Peggy (mydaytocraft) and I did a private Table Top Swap.  She made me these lovely napkins

 and I made her these

And I told how I was worried that mine were lost in the mail because I hadn't heard from her.  When she responded, she said she was distracted because she was making angel pot holders for the PP11 swap.  Well, little did I know that the person she was making the angel potholders for was me!

The theme was summer and I think she nailed it.  Aren't they fun!

And if you like irony, you'll love this...  See all that beautiful hand stitching on the kite pot holder?  Well, that is the thread I sent as "extras" in the napkin swap we did. 

Peggy, I love my pot holders.  So, so fun!

I also received a lovely package from Pam (imadelong) in the DS Quilts Doll Quilt Swap.  It is amazing.

The piece de resistance is the doll quilt itself of course.  I was blown away.   The embroidery, the quilting, the piecing, the color.... Pinwheels, stars and hourglasses, oh my! 

Check out the cool label.  In another burst of irony, Pam and I were double partners and didn't know it.  She received my circles mini.  What is ironic to me after seeing her label is that my first idea - the one that didn't work - was a zig zag quilt.  I love this idea.  I really struggle with quilt labels.  I may have to borrow (because stealing is SO tacky) her idea.

And look at the cool hanger she put on the back for me...

Sadly, her quilt has neither a label nor hangers.  The label, because I forgot and the hangers because I didn't think of it in the first place.

 Pam also included this amazing sewing kit, AND all the goodies inside.  I was blown away.  I can go anywhere now totally prepared to sew.

 It is entirely possible, however, that I would have been totally satisfied with this swap if I had only received the card.  This is so perfect for me, I think I may have to frame it.  I have always said that I'm not sewing, I'm doing FABRIC THERAPY.  I tell WH that fabric therapy is cheaper than a shrink.  The truth is, I'm not sure he really believes me any more.

I am over the moon with both these swaps.  I hope my partners like their items half as well as I like what I received.  Thank you Peggy and Pam for the great swaps.

I was really over-committed for May and I still have at least 3 swaps to receive and one more to make and send. 

Guess what's on the docket for today?  Yup.  This last swap for the Super Swaps group is due to be mailed by the 31st. 

And then I think I'm slowing down a little for the summer.  I'm only doing the Table Top Swap and the Modernista Swap, which, by the way, is still open to new participants until Thursday.  If you want more info, check out this post.  Care to join us? 

I think I'll head for the sewing machine to finish my oven glove for my Super Swaps partner.

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  1. I adore the orangy, greeny napkins you made in little fabric rings, totally stunning!
    I also love the kite and tree pot holders, they decorate the kitchen so beautifully.
    I've recently made some pale yellow table mats from an old sun dress I don't wear any more and sewed little pink and orange felt flowers on the sides and embroidered the stamens in.
    I also had a old red & white Hawaian shirt my hubby doesn't wear anymore and cut & sewed a pouch out of it for my Tracfone LG500g smart phone to protect my touch screen from scratches. I put a string of small pink pompoms around the red floral fabric pouch, which looked sweet.
    I just love cutting up all the old clothes in the house to make beautiful articles and the challenge to save money this way is fun.


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