Friday, May 18, 2012

Modernista Homemade - A Modern Swap for Every Space in the Home

1. Amber's Design Studio, 2. Vintage Sewing Machine and Notions - Sew Out Loud QAL #5, 3. Pinball Swirl Pincushion, 4. Patchwork 318 Bee - Sewing Basket For Amisha, 5. pincushion from neet designs sps3, 6. Pincushion Caddies from 'Seams to Me', 7. máquina de costura, 8. mug rug from Karie Nov 2011, 9. craft1, 10. Rainbow mosaic machine cover 2, 11. DSCN3352.jpg, 12. Flirty GIrl, 13. Hanging Hoop Wall Pocket Swap, 14. Sewing Machine Cover, 15. Scissors for Amisha ~ Patchwork 318 Bee ~, 16. Selvage Spool Mini Quilt, 17. Issue 5 - Scrap Bucket, 18. Scrappy Storage, 19. Scrap bucket, 20. Dressmakers Mannequin Mini Quilt, 21. Sewing machine cover - side 1, 22. sneak peak, 23. Stay Calm & Quilt On, 24. IMG_0166, 25. Last Project Complete!, 26. Wonderful Package from Rachel (Stitched in Color), 27. Folding Knitting/Sewing Basket {Explored}, 28. Craft Apron Slanted Pockets - Pocket View, 29. Sewing Machine Cover (Front), 30. finally finished my sewing machine cover!, 31. UHG Swap Sewing Machine Cover - Front View, 32. singer handmade quilted cover by mama, 33. MMM Swap Machine Cover, 34. Modern Swappers Machine Cover, 35. Hoop Up for Jill, 36. Christmas swap with my friend
If you're a regular reader of this little blog you know that I really enjoy Flickr swaps.  I like virtual quilting bees and mini quilts.  I like pot holders and kitchen items.  I really like pillows and home dec.  So when Jennifer (thethreadedchickadee) invited me to join the Modernista Homemade swap, I didn't waste any time.  We're going to go from room to room making cool things for every room in our home. And the first room we're going to adorn is the sewing room.

Now my sewing space isn't exactly enviable, and it is filled with even more stuff than was here when this photo was taken.  In fact, it's amazing I can get anything done in here.

And I received a couple of sewing machine covers in swaps last year.

Which are very, very cute.

Call me greedy, but I just can't pass it up.

And there are plenty of decorative things besides sewing machine covers that one could make to dress up a blah, overcrowded sewing space.

Like -

and a million things I haven't thought of yet.

I hope you'll join us.  We're gonna have a blast!


  1. This sounds like a fab swap, your mosaic is full of such gorgeous, wonderful makes!

  2. I joined this swap too! Looking forward to it :)


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