Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pineapple Ticker Tape Mini

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One of the swaps I have participated in a few times is the Mini QT Swap.  Each swap has a theme, and everyone who wants to participate signs up and is matched with a partner.  Since you know who your partner is, you have to be a little sneaky in posting pictures.

Here is the picture I posted.  Sneaky enough?

This time, the theme was ticker tape quilts.  I have made a couple of ticker tape quilts and blocks, and the prospect is kind of daunting.  All those tiny pieces have to fit just so for it to look right.  Anyway, my partner was Denise (dwriter_3) and in looking through her photostream and the things she had created, it seemed to me she liked fruits and veggies and gardening.  Then I saw a picture of a quilty pineapple on Pinterest, and an idea was born.  I would make a ticker tape pineapple for Denise!

While I was sick, I set about the planning.  I printed out a pineapple coloring page off the internet and traced the shape onto my white Kona, which was slightly bigger than I wanted my little quilt to end up.

Then, I went through my scrap bag and pulled out every yellow and green I could find and arranged them into my traced shape, then trimmed them and pinned them down where I thought they would go.

When I finished the pineapple, it looked boring, so I echo quilted around the shape.

It still looked kinda boring.

Then I remembered that somewhere I had heard that in Hawaii, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome.  Perfect!  It's a wall hanging after all, right.  What better message to convey?  So I printed the word WELCOME in a nice big outline font, got out my Wonder Under (hate that stuff, BTW - will NOT buy it again) and traced my letters backwards onto the Wonder Under, then ironed pressed them onto the wrong side of my fabric.  (NOTE to self:  Wonder Under works much better with a HOT iron, NO steam, and NO iron movement.  Also, sometimes sticking a pin between the web and the backing helps to separate the two without losing the bonding qualities of the web.)

Once the letters were placed and the backing removed, I pressed them down and stitched.


Add a little binding and you have one ticker tape mini quilt.  Finished!

Don't you love it when it's finished?


  1. So cute! I wich I was your partner, though I am expecting mine any day now from my partner! That was such a fun swap!

  2. I love it! I think your partner is going to love it!

  3. Your pineapple looks amazing! I love the color of the text and binding to really bring out the yellow.

  4. I love it! You did an exceptional job on it!

  5. love it!!! I just made a pineapple mini not too long ago- I collect pineapples, actually!

  6. It looks great, what a fab idea! I hate Heat and Bond. I've always used Bondaweb and loved it but the shop didn't have any so I bought Heat and Bond and it's awful. I have to stop every 10 stitches to wipe the glue off my needle, or it would skip stitches!


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