Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The List - Progress Report #2

If you read this post you know that last week I made a plan that included far more projects than was humanly possible to complete in a weekend.  I made some progress on some bee blocks one evening last week which I mentioned in Progress Report #1 so I kind of got a head start.  I am happy to say that I did make good progress, although of course I did not cross off everything on the list.

I made some bento blocks for the Scrappy Bow-Tie Block Swap.  I totally missed the first deadline, but apparently I wasn't alone, because Alisha extended the deadline.  I made 10 blocks, so sliced in quarters that makes a total of 40, but I messed one up in the slicing, and so sent 30, but only have a couple of useful ones.  Oh well, I guess that's what I get for trying to slice blocks before work in the morning.

And I made a prototype pinnie for the Fab Little Pin Cushion Swap.  I'm not sure I like the base - especially since it's glass and this little guy has to travel a long ways - but overall, I like the concept.  I found the tute on the DIY Network.  If you find a good source for cheap candle sticks or something else that would work for the base, please let me know.  I think the peg is OK for the top, but I think I need to add it before the pinnie is completely stuffed because I don't like that it sticks up as far as it does.  Lessons learned.

  And I made my pot holders for PP11.  The theme was "summer time".  My partner likes - uh, well, guess.  I'm thinking that these need a bit of embroidery to finish them off.  Maybe some seeds to add to the overall theme. 

I'll save the rest for Progress Report #3, since the pictures are still on the camera.

Hope you had a productive weekend too.

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