Friday, November 9, 2012


If you've read my blog a time or two, you've probably come to the conclusion that I am a swap addict.  It's true.  I admit it.  I really need to get this addiction under control.  But it'll have to wait until I get the 4 (or is it 5???) swaps done for the middle of November.

The little cottage above is for the Fab Little Pincushion (FLiPS for short) swap.  I found the pattern here.  It was loads of fun to make.  Next time I may try some different details, but this was a hoot.  I had to cover up the welcome sign, as it might give too many clues to my partner.

Next is the Trim the Tree swap, and this one is finished and ready to mail to my 4 partners.  I can't find the tutorial I used, but if anyone knows where it is, I will gladly add the link to give credit where credit is due.  These acrylic ornaments happen to be on sale at Michael's right now, so they are pretty inexpensive.  I found that cutting your scrapbook paper on the narrower side gives a more interesting ornament.  Of course, it took me a few tries to figure that out.

Then I made this little tote for my partner in the Modern She Made Swap.  I really like these text prints together.  The Paris map fabric is so fun.  The pattern is here.  This is a really simple to sew tote, and the outer pockets are formed when you attach the straps.  Seriously, this bag took about 45 minutes to sew.

These cute texty prints were not my original plan, but somehow I didn't get home with the fabric I bought to make this little goodie.  I opened the bag from the fabric store on Saturday afternoon after the store had closed, tore the whole sewing room apart, and finally concluded that I left it at the store.  I called first thing on Monday morning and described my fabric, they said they had it, I went rushing in after work - only to find that the fabric they had set aside was not the fabric I had chosen originally.  The owner was there however, and kindly cut some more fabric for me.  So nice, as these were 1-yard cuts, so pretty expensive.

I also decided to make my partner a pillow cover, so I got out my EZ Dresden ruler again, along with the Dear Stella prints BD#1 picked up for me at Sewing Summit (isn't she so sweet to share with her dear mother?) and added a couple of other prints to give it some variety.  I bought some navy solid for the background, but really wish I had a navy polka dot.  Sadly, my LQS didn't have navy dot, and I don't have time to go hunting.  I'm planning to hand quilt it, so I think it will be OK.

Then I decided to embroider the Dresden center to give it a little interest.  Really need to get rid of the pencil marks, but I'll get around to that.

Here's the print that inspired the embroidery.

And I still have my winter mug rug to send back to Mary, who made me the Texas snowman.  Mary will get a Florida snowman, just as soon as I get a chance to sit down and make it.  I have such a fun idea!

Photo by Kelly of SewKellySews
 Finally, I have to make my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap.  This is my pillow from last round and I really had a blast making it.  Kelly (and her girls) seemed to like it too.  I still haven't settled on an idea for this time.  There are so many rolling around in my head.  But this one has to get started this weekend.

Then I have one more swap before the end of November, as the folks in the Sew Fun Bee create some Christmas goodness for their partners, but the due date is pretty flexible.  I think I have an idea for this one too, it's just a matter of doing it.

So, November seems to be a truly swappy month here at prsd4tim2, but I've got it well in hand (I hope).  At least a few of the projects are finished.  And Monday is a holiday, so I hope to have a seriously creative weekend.


  1. Wow....I'm stressing just reading about all of your swaps. I love your projects you have done - the FLiPS house if fabulous as is the Dresden plate and tote. Great work.

  2. Such a lot to do a- but I know you love these swaps !

  3. you truly are a swap addict! That little pin cushion is my favorite!


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