Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friendship Bag Swap

Well, my resolution to ease up some on my swapping barely lasted a month, but this one was just too good to pass up.  This was an easy little project filled with fun goodies for my partner.

It started with an adorable little quilted gift bag made from Rachel's tutorial (of psiquilt fame).  And isn't it so much more fun and environmentally friendly than those cheap paper ones you buy at the dollar store?

For the outside, i used strips from that same FE bundle of Bonnie & Camille's Ruby that BD#1 got me at Sample Spree a couple of years ago - yup the same one that I made the Simple Merry Christmas Quilt and the Love Pillow from.  It's really amazing how far a FE bundle will go!  I used a scrap of texty print from the Waterfall pillow as the base.

My partner said she liked texty fabric, so I lined it with a texty print in the same colors as the outside.

And then the fun began....

I started filling it up.  I had the best time!  I hope there's something in there that will make my partner feel special.

Because that's what friends are for.


  1. Cool! I bet she will be truly blessed. :)

  2. the very first swap I was in years ago was a friendship bag swap! Yours is very cute & I'm sure she will love all of your goodies!

  3. You've got to be kidding! She's going to LOVE that bag and goodies. We should all be so lucky.

  4. She is going to love it....who wouldn't???

  5. She will LOVE it! Who wouldn't? It is darling!!!!

  6. What a great bag! I am sure your partner will love it!

  7. I am sure your partner is glad you gave in to temptation and joined the swap!


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