Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be a Hero!

Late in 2011, I was surfing blogland when I discovered that Val of Pink Please was doing a Heroes quilt to raise money for cancer research.  She raised $1000 with her quilt.  I think that's fantastic!

At the time, two of my co-workers had just been diagnosed with cancer, so I offered to make a couple of blocks. My friend Chris lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last January at the age of 46.  My friend Jeannie, only 29, just celebrated one year since her last cancer treatment a couple of weeks ago.  This disease sure hits close to home sometimes. 

This year, Val is doing a wonky circles quilt.  I think these blocks are so fun.  They waste a ton of fabric, but they're really fun to make.  I hope I can find a use for the scraps.

Val asked that we use solids, and I don't have a ton of solids in my stash - hardly any, in fact, except the yellow for the GMFG quilt "fences" and a bolt of Kona white that I bought for the Swoon quilt.  Ironically, I won one of the door prizes at the very first meeting I attended of the Emerald Coast MQG, and it was 6 FQ solids!  Isn't that just a bit of serendipity?  Love it!

I had a little trouble at first getting them wonky - can you tell?  Yup, I made the yellow one first.  The bottom three rings are almost perfect - and they were cut freehand.  Most times I can't do that well with a template!

I did a little better at wonkiness with the second one.  I have to work to be wonky.  LOL.

So, these blocks are for anyone who might be struggling with cancer, but this year, especially Devie and Renee, and the doctors who are treating them.

If you would like to make a block for Val's 2013 Heroes Quilt, visit Val's Pink Please blog or join the Flickr group.  There's an easy tutorial and the blocks really are a lot of fun.  Do it for someone you know that's fighting this ugly disease.

God bless.

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  1. Your wonky circles are perfectly...(drum roll please)WONKY. LOVE them. I saw your flickr photo first and thought "we're on the same wavelength" because that's what I want to do with my Madrona road fabric. I'll be glad to join and make several blocks as far TOO many people I know and love have fought that vicious beast.


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