Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making her Swoon

One of the things I really enjoy about my iphone is that I don't have to wait until I get home from work to check my email.  Today at lunchtime, I checked my email, and I had several lovely comments about the Swoon quilt I made for my beautiful daughter and her husband.  I know that she posted it on Instagram and got over 200 "likes", which warmed my heart.  But today she did a blog post about her gift. And several of her friends stopped in here to tell me they liked her gift!  I am so glad they did.  It made me feel wonderful!

Those of you who may have read the blog recently know that I made Amanda a Swoon quilt for Christmas.  Or rather, I made the quilt top and put it in a box with the backing and a promise to send it to the fabulous Sarah for quilting.

We mailed it off to be quilted in early January, just days before Sarah gave birth to a darling little girl.  Ironically, I received it back the day her baby was born.

Sarah sent it back to me for binding, which I finished in a weekend - all 420 inches of it.  And I managed to get it mailed off again in a reasonable amount of time.  BD#1 had the quilt within a month of Christmas, despite the fact that it had to traverse the country twice!  (Itself a major miracle.)

I wanted this quilt to keep her warm.  I wanted it to show how much I love her and her dear husband and their adorable children.  I wanted this gift to bridge the distance between us.

So today, she posted on her blog about how this little gift made her feel.

She made me cry.  In a good way.

And that's the best part!


  1. What a wonderful gift!! I know it will be a treasure for life!!

  2. It is so pretty and I'm thrilled she likes it so much.

  3. Such a wonderful quilt to make for your daughter and son in law ~ but mostly ~ the sentiment behind it makes it even better.

  4. LOVE your Swoon quilt! What a wonderful gift to Amanda and her hubby!

  5. SO heart warming and wonderful!

  6. SO heart warming and wonderful!

  7. Lovely quilt, and what a sweet gift!


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