Monday, May 19, 2014

Five Easy Pieces - Part II

Well, I never did get around to posting on the blog this weekend, did I?  I didn't get around to putting away those last few little things in my room so I could take pictures, either.  Guess this weekend wasn't very productive.  With that in mind, I'll share the second quilt top in my Five Easy Pieces series.  This is another of the quilts in my 14 in 2014 goal, and it is also one that I took to Stash Bash.  It came home with four of the five rows completed, but not finished.  I had bought some Free Spirit Aqua solid for the sashing, but I only bought 1/2 yard....   If it had been 5/8 yard, I would have had this finished.  It took less than an hour to complete the sashing once I got home.

Photo courtesy of WestWood Acres
While I was in Utah last Thanksgiving, my daughter asked me if I would be the pattern tester for her new quilt design.  Never one to turn down the opportunity to cut fabric into tiny pieces and sew it back together in lovely designs, naturally I obliged. But we had a little miscommunication, and the fabric I used for the background wasn't what she intended and I ended up re-making the blocks and bringing the original blocks home with me to make my own quilt.   This one actually hasn't been sitting in the WIP basket very long.

The pattern is Shiny Brite, designed by my very talented daughter.  I love how the stars in the sashing echo the stars in the block centers.  It makes a lovely Christmas quilt, sort of reminiscent of Christmas baubles hanging on the tree, isn't it?  The fabric is Just for Fun by Creative Thursday for Andover Fabrics.  As mentioned above, I used Free Spirit Aqua for the sashing (since I didn't have any more of the background fabric) and some red dots I had laying around for the star cornerstones.  Even though Amanda used matching sashing in the original and I loved it, I really like the contrast.  The aqua is subtle, but adds a bit of pizzaz I think. 

I'm really happy with this quilt top.  Can't wait to get it quilted!

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  1. Your daughters design is wonderful, I think the sashing looks great both ways.


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