Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lexiloo, You Made My Week!

This week has been awful at work.  For a 4-day week, it just hasn't been any fun at all!  So you can relate to how happy I was when I got home yesterday and found this yummy package sitting on the dining room table.  It contained:

Not one but TWO beautiful pillows
a Moda L'amour charm pack
2 rolls of yummy fabrics
a strawberry pin cushion
a spool of yellow variegated thread
and a 2011 quilter's calendar

So much fun!  Thank you, Lexiloo.  You made my week. 

Here are photos of the two new pillows in their new homes:

I really like the combination of yellows and pinks.  So springy and fun!

And this guy looks great on the couch.  Love the touch of red in here.

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