Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Swapping We Will Go

Beautiful Daughter #1 has gotten me involved in the Flickr swapping community.  It started with the ornament swap before Christmas.  Then I did the Pillow Talk swap.  I am enjoying the virtual company of ladies (and even a few guys) who have many of the same interests I do.  With the holidays over - and now that I am (mostly) over the flu - the swaps are taking off again.  I worry that I will over commit (something I have a tendency to do anyway) and take on more than I can possibly finish.  Luckily, the dates are staggered, so that is good.  And - it gives me an excuse to buy more fabric!!  Can't beat that!

So, first there's the Fabric Postcard Swap.  These little beauties looked so easy - until I actually tried them.  Two of my partners wanted Valentine themed postcards, and one just an everyday one.  I had to make the first one over again because I forgot to stitch down one of the hearts.  Then, I looked at what some of the crafters had done last year and I think I should start all over.  Oh, well.  what I have done may have to do this time.  This one is due to be mailed before Valentine's Day.  Haven't got a clue for the everyday one though.  It is really stretching my brain.

Then there is the Potholder swap PP6.  The beginnings of my offering for this swap are above.  When Beautiful Daughter #2 and I were at A&E (our only LQS) we both fell in love with Moda's new Hideaway line.  My partner asked for aqua, so this was perfect.  I have these done - if I send them as they are.  I finished 2 potholders, but I am tempted to start over on an oven mitt or other coordinating pot holder, instead of making them both identical.  Hmmm...  It's not due until February 28, so I do have some time.  And I have enough fabric already purchased.

Then there's the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap.  The joke is that you have to have a globe to participate in this swap.  I gave the globe away when Beautiful Daughter #2 finished middle school LOL.  Anyway, I really enjoyed making the mosaic for this swap.  It was fun to see what other people had done for their kitchens.  This one is due March 1st, so I'll have to get going on it.  I think this one will be lots of fun.

Make Mine Modern is going to be fun!  The idea is to purchase 1-1/2 yards of fabric in either fat quarters, half yards, or yardage and make your partner 2 items, one of which is for the sewing room.  I was worried because my partner didn't have a mosiac or a listing on the likes/dislikes page, but I found it.  Now, I just have to narrow down all the ideas I have.

 I have also signed up to participate in the Urban Home Goods swap.  I had a really hard time with the mosaic for this one, but finally did come up with one.  This one is due March 7th, so it's a quick one.   I was talking to BD#1 today, and she said one of the things she enjoys about swaps is getting something in the mail besides bills.  It's like Christmas year round.

So, I guess I'm going to be busy between now and Easter.  Better get crackin'.

Happy crafting!

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