Sunday, January 23, 2011

One of THOSE Days

So do you ever have those days where you have the best of intentions and then due to circumstances beyond your control, the day turns to ashes in your hand?  That was my Saturday.

I got up pretty early with a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish.  I got off to a pretty good start.  I made some cards that turned out pretty cute, and were the prototype for my last postcard for the Fabric Postcard swap.  The cards will be used for this month's Visiting Teaching.  In making the cards, I got to play with my Big Shot (which is fun to use but doesn't cut fabric very well, by the way) and cleaned up my stamping area.

I took pictures of my yummy Pillow Talk Swap package that arrived Friday, and uploaded it to Flickr and blogged it.  Those two things were on my list.

Then, somehow, the day started to go awry.  BD #2 called and said she hadn't yet received her textbook I ordered from  I got notification on the 10th that the seller had mailed the book.  It seems like it shouldn't take two weeks from Missouri to Idaho.  The sender very considerately purchased delivery confirmation on the package, so I had to look it up in my email box, call the post office, and file a claim.  Turns out the package sat in Denver for 2 days, then was sent off on a wild goose chase to Billings, Montana for 2 days, then back to Denver, where it appears that it is still.  I don't know what's wrong with Denver, but that's where her last book ended up for nearly a month before someone put it on a bus or something to get to Idaho.  Grrrrr!

Then, WH decided he needed to go out to the Navy base.  For various reasons, he needed me to take him there.  While it was very pleasant to spend the afternoon with WH, it did not accomplish my goals.  My original idea was not to leave the house.

We finally got home and I started diligently in on my tasks for the day.  I finished the fabric postcard I had in mind.  It turned out OK, but I started having trouble with the sewing machine about half way through.  It was leaving huge loops of top thread on the back of the item.  I had to put the rick rack on 3 times before it looked OK.

Then I planned to make a little something extra for my PP6 partner so the package could go in the mail on Monday.  The sewing machine was giving me fits!  I finally put it away and got out my old Singer.  It is usually my workhorse, but today, even it was having troubles.  I finally did finish this little gem, and it turned out cute, but it shouldn't have been such a struggle.

I finally gave up.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Maybe my poor little machines don't like the cold.  WH says I make them work too hard.  I think I am helping them to fill the measure of their creation.  Maybe they just need to be serviced.

On a happier note, i received this adorable photo of my adorable granddaughter from my son-in-law today.  Funny how kids like the box the toys come in better than the toys themselves.  Wonder how long it will be before she outgrows the lego box?  And just for the record, she just loves doggies!

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  1. Well, I will say you are more industrious than I. Today I took a nap instead of sewing! And isn't abby in the bucket adorable?! She LOVES to climb into the lego box!

    Wish you were hear!


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