Monday, January 17, 2011

A Welcome Visit

Beautiful Daughter #2 was home this weekend for only the 3rd time since she left for college last January.  I have missed her.  She was very lucky in the days she chose to travel and was able to fly here and back without getting bumped at all.  That meant she was here when I got home from work on Friday night.  Last week was a bad week, so her visit was a wonderful pick-me-up!

Saturday morning, we breakfasted on bagels from Bagelheads, one of our favorite places.  Their fruit wave bagel just can't be beat! 

Then, we took off for A&E, where we perused the yummy fabrics for awhile.  We showed remarkable restraint, I thought.  They did have the McKenzie fabric that we made the pillow sham from at Christmas.  I forgot that she had two pillows, and only made 1 sham.  I didn't take a photo of the sham I made on this visit, but it's very much like the first one (imagine that?!)  The differences are because 1) A&E didn't have the gray fabric or the paisley Minkee we had used on the first one and 2) I couldn't remember ALL of the details.  I thought it turned out OK, though.  It sure went a lot faster than the first one.

After we finished up our fabric shopping, we went to the Navy Exchange, then on to the outlet malls in Foley.  We finished our day with a mani & pedi session, and came home just in time to celebrate my (belated) birthday.  Wonderful husband cooked yummy steaks and got me a book and a new cutting mat, since my other one was 18 years old and had ridges and bumps which made cutting less than accurate. 

WH also finished my entertainment center he has been working on since the summer of 2007!  So beautiful!  Isn't the finish lovely?

Now, I'll have to dig out the DVD player from storage so we can watch movies in the living room.  BD#2 and I had to kick him out of the den to watch our movie the other night.  It's OK though, because he was sitting in my chair!

It was a lovely weekend.

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