Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogger's Pillow Party

When our family met for Christmas at BD#1's house, BD#2 wanted a new pillow to match her new comforter.  She had picked the fabric by the time I arrived.  She chose McKenzie by Dena Designs for the front and Minky in white paisley for the back.  But what should it look like?  .  

So I set her looking through Flickr pictures in the Pillow Talk swap and came across THIS pillow. It became our inspiration.

I offset the pieces and quilted the two sides in different directions, with a narrow piece of the lighter fabric as sashing between the two pieces.  The top band and bottom band (which don't show well at all in this photo) are from the gray floral and are outline quilted.  And the center band with the flower is bound with the lighter fabric and the flower is copied shamelessly from the inspiration pillow, but that was the part that inspired us.

This pillow is now living happily in BD#2's college apartment.  I hope though, that it serves her well beyond her college years!

Blogger's Pillow Party

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