Friday, March 25, 2011


If you have been following my adventures with my project for the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap, you will remember that the placemats above were giving me fits. My intention was to make reversible placemats for my partner.  These were definitely not cooperating!  If I took them apart once, I took them apart 8 or 10 times, to the point where I finally gave up on these, finished the others and sent them off.  Frankly, I was tempted to chuck these, but the yellow is bright and cheery and Kumari Gardens is so, so pretty, and I just couldn't.

Meanwhile, I've been pondering what to do for my sister for her birthday.  Suddenly, a few days ago, it hit me - finish these for her.  So I did.  They were really no more cooperative at the end than the beginning, but I did finish them.  The border on the towel and the potholders were made from the very interesting scraps produced by the diagonal borders.  They were actually a lot of fun!

Can you see the quilted butterfly?  I had a terrible time getting a shot of the actual quilting.  This was really the best I was able to do.  The quilting was actually fun.  

And believe it or not, after all that angst over what to put on the back, I didn't get a photo.  Well, I did, but apparently it didn't get downloaded and I've already erased the pics off the camera.  And the gift is already in the mail.  Suffice it to say that the Weekends fabric looked awesome on the back of these things.  The butterflies and flowers - and the colors - coordinated very well with the Kumari Gardens.

And after they were done, they had to be washed because the wash-away marking pen I used to quilt the butterfly on the yellow centers had to be washed out, you know.  And I know it's all the rage, but I really like quilts before they are washed when they are crisply pressed and they feel so smooth and nice.  But these were washed and I didn't press them again.  Am I a slacker?

The binding is Central Park. The color was perfect.  The design didn't detract from the rest of the fabrics. It's what I had.  

Nuff said.

I hope she likes them.

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